London Rollergirls

Last Saturday some girlfriends and I celebrated our dear friend's engagement at....the roller derby!! Definitely not a traditional bridal shower but fabulous nonetheless. This was everyone's first time to the roller derby. After we all picked up the rules, it was so fun to watch and cheer on the girls.

After 2 action packed games we headed back to Tooting for some dinner at Graveney & Meadow and then some cocktails and dancing at Tram and Social.

Dinner was tapas and delicious. We literally ordered one of everything off the menu! It's not often you can say you've tried everything at a restaurant. The dancing was a bit less successful. I love to let loose on the dance floor but this crowd was so young! I mean early 20's young. I just felt so old and out of place. Still a great night with some great ladies.

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