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Now that I've moved offices to Oxford Street I really feel like I work in London. Working in Farringdon obviously felt like London, especially when I crossed Blackfriars bridge every night and saw St. Paul's in all it's glory, but being in the heart of Soho is different. For one thing, one of my friends at work and I decided we were going to try all the burger joints within easy reach of the office. (He's actually started a burger blog which you can follow here.)

We started with BRGR and then last week we went to Patty and Bun. P&B was the best burger I've ever had, ever. Yep, it was that freaking good. And the most genius part was that we didn't even have to wait in the enormous line, we pre-ordered!

Separate to my lunch time burger tour, my friend Jack organised a burger tour through London last weekend. The tour stopped at 8 different burger joints in 4 days. I could never eat a burger for lunch and dinner (unless I was drunk and/or really hungover), so the mister and I just joined for Friday dinner. The venue was Hache, which I had never even heard of until I got the burger tour facebook invite.

The burger and chips were good but nothing really to write home about. We all got different toppings, I got the Sicilian which has buffalo mozzarella cheese and parma ham, and everyone agreed the toppings were difficult to taste and didn't really add anything to the burger. Not a bad burger but it was no Patty and Bun.

Any burger places in London you would definitely recommend?

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