Before the mister and I went to see the Wildlife Photography exhibit but lunched at Bumpkin. It's an adorable little gastropub in South Kensington. We had some cheeky Sunday cocktails and indulged in a great lunch. The mister had the pork roast and I had the burger, which used the best brioche bun.

We don't go out in South Ken very often so it's always nice when we explore a new neighborhood.


Wildlife Photography 2014

Last Sunday the mister and I made our annual trip to the Wildlife Photography Exhibit at the Natural History Museum. There weren't as many photos this year that blew me away, but there were still some incredible shots.

This also could be the last time we see Dippy, so I had to snap a pic.

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The last great picture

Stinger in the sun

The mouse, the moon and the mosquito

Passing giants


Beach guardian


Sailing by


Midweek cookies

Just a little sugar to get me through the week. My favorite chocolate chip cookies.


£72 a week

The Barnes High Street is being taken over by estate agents and I HATE IT. Last year so many cute, independent shops closed and boring lame estate agent shops replaced them. In an effort to better support our local businesses, the mister and I have been making a real effort to spend more money in Barnes - £72 a week to be precise. A local economist has worked up the magic number of £36 per person per week to help support our local community. It's really nice to have a number to work to and I always feel so pleased when we exceed it, which isn't hard.

We're mostly supporting the local restaurants, cafes and food shops. We were thrilled when the Ginger Pig opened in Barnes earlier in the year, right by the fruit and veg store, making weekly shops that much easier.


Super Bowl Sunday food

Even though I'm not a major football fan, I do feel obliged to pay attention to major American events. And I felt even more so this year, since the Seattle Seahawks were playing.

I have been racking up quite a few things to make and bake on Pinterest, so I thought Super Bowl Sunday would be the perfect opportunity to make a few treats. 

Our spread was oh so European, with sausages from the Ginger Pig, wrapped in bread from Gail's and a few budweiser budvars. But I tried to add some American flair with pretzel crusted brownies, bacon parmesan dip and bacon wrapped chicken bites that were rolled in brown sugar and spices to make a delicious sweet and spicy combo.

As you can imagine, the mister and I could never finish all of this so my colleagues enjoyed most of it the following Monday.

The pretzel crust for the brownies

Finished brownies

Bacon chicken bites. YUM!


Winter stillness

It has been freeeeeezing lately but it has been mostly dry and crisp, my favorite type of weather. (It reminds me of fall!) I went out for a jog around the neighborhood and was so stunned at how quiet it was. I had to stop a take a moment to appreciate our beautiful little St. Mary's church. The site has been a place of worship since 1543. These views sure beat the gym.


First Aid Kit

I've got the entire Stay Gold album on loop. I love the folky singer/songwriter vibes, just beautiful.