disco burger

Disco Burger is tucked away on a tiny back road of St. Pauls. Normally, all the new 'cool' stuff is in east London, so I was over the moon when my friend mentioned he was organising dinner here, just down the street from my office!

Disco Burger is above a pub, in a space that was probably never meant to have a proper kitchen and certainly not a kitchen that could feed both the downstairs pub-goers and their own patrons. This is probably their biggest down fall, absurdly long wait times. We waited 45 minutes for a table and another hour and a quarter for our burgers. The burgers however were really good. (but I don't think any food is worth waiting 2 hours for). The meat was tender and as an added bonus, the burger comes with bbq-ed short rib on top. Yummy!

We also ordered a basket of cheesy fries to pass the time while we waited for our burgers. I could have easily eaten a whole one of these myself, but am glad I saved room for the awesome burger.

We finished the meal off with some mini doughnuts that had some sort of passionfruit (?) glaze on the side. The doughnuts were ok, nothing to write home about, but I was so stuffed from the burger, I was happy to only have 1.

Disco Burger
61 Carter Lane

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