Batter up

Today is pancake day in the UK or as we refer to it in the US, Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday (or Mardi Gras) is traditionally celebrated with a lot of booze, bright plastic beads and a little bit of nudity. The British are so civilized; getting wild and gluttonous with their pancakes!

The mister and I celebrated this evening with a paleo friendly version, sweet potato pancakes and bacon. The pancakes were delicious and once I drizzled a little maple syrup over them, they tasted exactly the same as regular pancakes.

In another life, back in my young carefree days of 2007, I was in Brazil for Carnival. Salvador was an amazing place to be for Carnival. The whole city shuts down for the entire week. Everyone celebrates, everywhere. It was an incredible experience, one I wish I could have again. I did a bit of blogging during my South American adventure (you can read about Carnival here) but ultimately gave it up because it was so time consuming to go to an internet cafe and write. How different it would be now with iphones and wifi everywhere..

Here are just 2 snaps from Carnival. Because of the crowds and 100% chance that you'd get pick pocketed, I rarely had a camera with me.  

A drumming school practising in the lead up to Carnival. 

The view of a bloco passing by. A bloco is a sectioned off area behind a float or semi-truck that's carrying the entertainer. Everyone in orange is in the bloco. 

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