Refinished floors

About a month ago we had our floors refinished. You may remember they were black, which some people really loved but I wanted a lighter, wood, color. It was a real gamble because we had no idea of the state of the floors underneath the paint. There is one super funky board in the hallway, which I will shortly be covering with a rug, but other than that, they turned out wonderfully. 

You can just see the black peaking out from underneath our rug

The new floors. A bit log cabin-y but hopefully our decor will make them feel really modern. You can also
see we've painted some test patches on the stairs and I think we've settled on a very light grey color for the stairs.

We decided to retire the rug. It's main purpose was to lighten to the room but now that we have such light floor, we just don't need it anymore. It's amazing how much bigger the room feels too.

Now, on to investigating our next project - taking down the plaster on the wall with the painting (see top pic) so that we have a full brick wall. 

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