American Buffalo

I've been a bit slow off the blocks this year in booking theatre tickets. I waited hours a few months ago to book Hamlet tickets (starting Benedict Cumberbatch - worth it!), but it wasn't until today that I really started to peruse what's on this year. 

I saw that John Goodman (!) (and some famous guy from Homeland, that I've never heard of) is coming to the West End in American Buffalo, so I snapped up a few tickets for April. Is it just me or are theatre tickets getting crazy expensive?! £92 for a premium seat (plus a booking fee). That's almost £100 to see a play! £15 to see a movie seems so reasonable compared to that. 


The show is described as, "A classic tragedy, American Buffalo is the story of three men struggling in the pursuit of their distorted vision of the American Dream. By turns touching and cynical, poignant and violent, American Buffalo is a piercing story of how people can be corrupted into betraying their ideals and those they love."

Sounds excellent - I'll let you know how it goes. 

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