I sort of love this story.

Ballard, a neighborhood in Seattle, has boomed with development over the last 10 years; new flats and shops everywhere. One of the developments, Ballad Blocks, tried to buy Edith Macfield's house back in the early 2000's but she wasn't selling out to developers. They offered her a staggering $1 million for it too! (Go Edith!) So they built around her (see below)

After Edith's passing she apparently left her house to one of the construction workers who checked up on her a lot and looked after her during all the construction. For a while the property lay dormant but back in October I read an article that said the property had been purchased and they were in the process of renovating it so they could rent it out as a vacation rental. They are even talking about elevating the house off the ground (in my opinion, to give it a bit of an UP feel to it) and putting in a garden underneath.

I'm not sure Edith would have wanted it to be a vacation rental but hopefully she's chuffed that her house is still standing.

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