Chevron rug

I love the look of chevron rugs. Jonathan Adler does some beautiful ones, as does West Elm in the states, but when I looked around in the UK I couldn't find anywhere that did chevron rugs (at a reasonable price) so I decided to make my own. We bought an ikea rug shortly after we moved into our flat and busyness followed by laziness meant that 8 months later I finally got around to painting it. 

I should preface this with - this is a lot harder than it looks and I'm so thankful I picked a light color that was forgiving. I followed this tutorial (with a lot of help from the mister) and over the course of 2 evening was able to complete our rug.

It's not exactly straight (but the rug isn't perfectly square either) but thankfully it looks great at a distance and it has a massive table over it.

On to my next DIY project... 

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