A summer affair

I'm attending two weddings this summer. The first a really relaxed backyard vibe wedding on Whidbey Island (near Seattle, WA) and the second (although travel plans still to be confirmed) a fancier affair in Rome. I always try and consider my wedding outfits, but what usually ends up happening is I run out of time to shop and end up throwing a few usual suspects into my suitcase (in a usually panicked state of night-before-packing).

This year I'm trying to be more organised. For the first wedding I've ordered these two dresses. I love the first but I'm not sure if it's too loud?

image [via]

image [via]

I'm really not sure what to wear for the wedding in Rome? It's an afternoon wedding with semi-formal attire. I'll keep hunting around and hopefully the perfect dress will find its way into my suitcase this time!

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